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High Tatras Mountains

The highest mountain range in the world, the High Tatras spread over a stretch of 260 kilometers of land. Uncovering 85% of lakes on the solvak side of the mountains the view is beyond splendid.

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The beauty stands enhanced with the numerous waterfalls running alongside. This is a go to go tourist destination and is one place not to be missed while in Slovakia.

Spis Castle

Slovakia boasts of being home to an astonishing number of 180 castles and 425 chateaux. Some of the popular castles like Bratislava castle, Orava castle or Bojnice castle draw thousands of visitors every year.

Yet the most popular one is the Spis Castle, it is a 900 year old majestic ruin. This magnificent castle is one of the largest castles in the entire Europe. Well deserved, the castle finds a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The views from the castle are magnificent and the place is worth  a visit.

Travel to the timeline of Bratislava

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

Like the capital state of Slovakia.

Though, the state is just starting to grab tourist’s attention, the suburbs of Bratislava cocoons some amazing places of Slovak culture.

The city of cultural heart of Slovakia owes to its historic multi-cultural character influenced by both regional and ethnic groups. The Slovak National Theatre, The Arena Theatre, The Bratislava Puppet theatre are the places for you if you are culture enthusiast.

The heart of the city is still untouched my many tourists with its unexplored mild continental climate. The city calls for celebrations be it spring fairs, Christmas markets or summer fests.

The beautiful architecture and tri lingual culture of the city captivates the soul of the travellers.

First target in the bucket list is THE OLD TOWN.
It is the most common tourist stop point as the place has all eating joints, night clubs and chilling areas. On the walk, one can witness on narrow streets quirky statues, historic buildings, winding laneways and cobblestones.

The rich bronze statues mark the communist era architecture and add up to a wit parody. The most common tourists’ points are St Michaels Gate embellished with dragons and Old Town Square.

A walk to remember
The Danube River along the edge of downtown Bratislava has walking paths on both sides of the river while the path stretches further to the city lights.

Over the river, lies the UFO Bridge, which offers a unique view to downtown and an incredible view to Bratislava Caste The UFO Bridge connects the city to suburb of Perzalka.

Bratislava - Royal Bridge

It is the prominent feature and symbol of the Bratislava. The other side of the river gives you the entry Sad Janka Krala Park which follows the trail to Aupark Bratislava Shopping Centre. If you wish to cherish the shopping moments at Eurova Shopping Centre, follow the Kosicka Bridge.

After the princess walk, it’s time to enter the Castle

The iconic white castle gives the rich royal feel to the entire trip to Bratislava. The castle has 3 different entrance gates – Sigmund Gate, Vienna Gate and Nicholas Gate.

The ground view to downtown Bratislava, Austria and to the river Danube makes the walk through the castle grandiose and kingly.

After the white castle, don’t forget to pay a visit to Devin Castle as it serves as one of the three oldest archaeologically accredited castles in the suburbs.


Call a prayer at The Blue Church Bratislava

Secession Building Blue Church in Slovakia

Secession Building Blue Church in Slovakia

Blue Church Bratislava is the most popular structure built in 1908, commonly known as Church of St Elisabeth is nearly 40m high tower. The architecture beautifully describes Hungarian Art Nouveau Style with its interiors.

Sadly, photography isn’t allowed inside the church premises but with the elegant church gate, visitors can get the beautiful snaps to the church’s richly decorated alterpieces.

The reign back to history – Slavian War Memorial
Slavain War Memorial is located high above the city. It venerates the sweats of Red Army in the liberation of Bratislava during WW2. The Memorial is a gateway from the chaos of the downtown where one can enjoy beautiful city views

The trip to Europe seems incomplete without the tourist laying steps to the land of Bratislava. The area around Kamzik TV Tower has crazy hiking trails with fun activities and restaurants around. A cable car takes you to a short adventure trip through the forest with beautiful hill sightseeing’s.

Bratislava opera house introduces you to the surprises of Neo Renaissance era and is worth a place to spend a rich evening.



If you are a foodie, don’t miss out your chance to dine in at Fabrika, Antica Toscana which serves the best Italian food, and Modra Hviezda known for its great wine and eastern European food.

Let not the words, mesmerize you about Bratislava alone, plan a visit and let alone your eyes make the memories packed to your travel bag this year

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