Looking to spend upcoming winter holidays at the most exciting place around the world? Have you consider the option of Golden Circle Iceland?

Without any doubt, a visit to Iceland has a lot to offer to the visitors who like spending time in cold chilly places. It is the excitement and fun of the night-time hunting in the forests of Iceland which attracts a huge number of visitors in the winter.

I am sure if you have not paid a visit to Iceland; your amazing winter holiday experience is incomplete. Visiting Iceland is not all about night-time hunting but the land of fire and ice looks amazing in the day and offers spectacular activities across stunning sights and scenes.

Being a traveler you would love to spend memorable moments of your life exploring Golden Circle and appreciating beautiful sight scene created by the god. We all dream to visit exceptional places in winter and summer holidays.

Yes, there are some individuals who like spending time on beaches or mountains but Iceland is an adventurous place for travelers who can bear the extreme cold. Golden circle is definitely a highly popular tourist route which covers approximately 300 kilometers.

It is the area which is extremely popular for tourist activities and has got three main stops Þingvellir national park, the Gullfoss waterfall, and valley of Haukadalur. If you have paid a visit to Iceland and was not able to see Golden Circle Iceland, I must say you have missed golden opportunity of visiting the most special and beautiful place of the world.

Surely the first stop on the Golden circle is Thingvellir National Park which has now become a well renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The National park holds both geographical and cultural importance to Iceland. The park is extremely popular for its fissure zone which runs across Iceland and as a visitor you can easily observe the rifting of earth’s crust. It holds huge historical value and was treated as the original home of Iceland’ parliament.

Moving forward, the second stop on the Golden Circle Iceland is awesome looking geysers which are famously known as the Great geyser. It is the power of natural jet spray which crosses 20m into the air which attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the world. After spending exciting evenings in Aurora Boreails, you need to have the final stop at the Gullfoss Waterfall.

It is the huge cavern which easily swallows up the rushing waters and provides a wonderful stop to end your trip to Northern Lights. There is still lot more to explore about Golden Circle Iceland and interested individuals need to search quality sources for further details.

Exploring the true beauty of nature will make you feel part of this special world so grab the opportunity of visiting Northern lights as soon as possible. A trip to Iceland will take you to another world and you will enjoy a hunting experience to remember rest of your life.

However, the Island has countless beautiful sights but still Golden Circle is simply stunning and should not be missed.